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Backup Solutions

Your data is safe with us. Let Up2date worry about your secure data so you focus on what matters. We offer backup solutions and services from within the office to cloud based solutions.

       U2D Cloud Backups


Keep your data safe with Up2date hosted Offsite Backups.

Your data is important and without a valid backup, your business would not be running in an emergency data loss situation.

Up2date understands that even if you take all the preventative monitoring steps, very rarely, there is still the possibility for your data server to fail. To prevent this from happening Up2date offers a cloud backup solution at a monthly fixed fee. This becomes a physical backup very similar to your external hard drive, but remains offsite for complete disaster recovery despite the current status of your office infrastructure.

Off Site Up2date Complete Backups start from as little as $50 per month per 250GB for servers.

 Call 1300 872 328 to find out more.

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