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Cloud Services & Office365

Each business has it's own requirements. So we focus on making the cloud and infrastructure services fit to what you need.

We can tailor the solution to meet your business requirements. You have the freedom to scale your requirements as they change and only pay for the resources and features that you need. Your files are stored online and can be accessed anywhere, anytime and backed up.


Cloud Services

  • Office 365 enables enterprise-grade functionality for all Business, without the added cost of maintain and investing into your own back-end IT Infrastructure.Essentially you can utilize Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel (and much more) and let Microsoft store and manage the back-end within the Cloud, which once required a server sitting in your office. This is great for Small to Medium Business, whom can leverage advanced functionality with minimal investment.


  • Google Apps for Work (previously known as Google Apps for Business) has been designed from the ground up as an entirely cloud-based service, enabling business to shift away from a traditional Microsoft focus.Google's offering is an alternative to the Microsoft Office 365 product and also integrates (though not as seamlessly) to the suite of Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Outlook. It is however recommended to utilize Google's Web Applications over traditional Desktop Applications, to unleash the full Google Apps for Work experience. ANRIC have experience in establishing and migrating existing environments to Google Apps. We can go beyond typical migration tools and customize a migration to suit unique requirements, minimizing the impact during transition for your business.


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