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Helpdesk Direct

Our anytime access conveniently provides the ability to perform maintenance tasks and implement software roll-outs instantly.

Our Helpdesk Direct plan ensures quick remote access without any disruptions from your employees. Up2date can deploy an easy to install on demand access tool. At at the press of a button. The user is notified and remote work can then be carried out.

We understand client confidentiality and guarantee no breach to your network or unauthorized access without consent. The Helpdesk Direct tool is there for your convenience. Not ours.

Benefits of Helpdesk Direct:

  • Preventing unnecessary downtime using remote services & features.

  • On demand remote desktop assistance with Helpdesk Direct.

  • On demand phone support with Helpdesk Direct.

  • System info access/referrals (computer specifications).

  • Easy type to tech chat windows.

    Call 1300 872 328 to find out more.

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